Monday, May 11, 2009

The Way It Was

I'm thinking about how it used to be. Does that mean I'm getting old? Or just that life really was innocent and good when I grew up?

Hard work in tobacco fields.

Delicious meals cooked by Mom, no matter how busy she was.

Fresh strawberries raised close to our house.

Picking wild blackberries - eating the pies Mom made.

Playing with my cousins til dark - catching lightning bugs in jars.

Knowing without a doubt that I was loved.

Three brothers - one who loved to torture us with his temper, one who was the peacemaker, and one who was the baby of the family - more than a little spoiled.

My mom made the best yeast rolls I've ever tasted - and she made them often.

Christmas = tangerines, oranges, apples, candy as well as toys. I still remember Christmas when I smell a tangerine.

Lewis Miller's store - going there on rainy days when my dad couldn't work.

My mom on her Ford tractor.

First trip to the beach - the ocean was so big and so loud!

Things we didn't have and I didn't miss: Cell phones, Ipods, huge tv's, malls, computers (I am glad we have them now). Seems like we had more time.

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