Thursday, January 15, 2009


Should I buy this six door monster truck?  I know my oldest son would love it.  The Barrett Jackson Auto Auction is hard to believe - thousands of cars and trucks and all kinds of vendors.  People with lots of money to spend.  Doesn't cost much to look!

Saguaro National Park this morning - thirty to forty foot tall cactus - millions of them covering thousands of acres.  That's Lester standing beside the cactus.  Kinda big, isn't it?
Then on to Casa Grande Ruins  

Casa Grande Ruins - remains of an ancient Hohokam village and Great House.  How did they manage to build that house?  

Canals used to irrigate crops - I had never seen that.  

Weather is absolutely perfect - around 70 degree high and sunny.  I hear it is really cold in North Carolina right now - I guess we picked a good time to travel.  

We are in Chandler, Arizona for the night - close to Phoenix.  

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