Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 8 - Los Angeles -

Pacific Coast Highway - Newport Beach - Balboa Beach- Huntington Beach
beautiful area.miles of public beach access - bicycling, jogging, beach volleyball, etc.
Huge oil refineries right in the cities - even oil wells.

Los Angeles - traffic unbelievable even on Sunday.  Frank Lloyd Wright - Hollyhock House - really neat h ouse - priceless view.  Forest Lawn Cemetery - hundreds of acres -   fountains, statues, etc. -Hollywood - feels like a small town.

We planned to go to Disneyland  tomorrow - changed our minds when we saw about ten lanes
of traffic lined up forever to get in at 4:00 PM today - then I remembered that tomorrow is a 
holiday - school is out - so we changed our plans - no Disneyland this trip.

Time to escape this place - we drove for hours and hours just escaping Los Angeles.
I thought we were through - then saw a sign saying "Welcome to Los Angeles"!

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