Sunday, January 18, 2009


San Diego - Art and Sculpture everywhere in this city.
A huge statue of the famous WWII couple kissing - on loan from New York.
Coronado and Imperial Beach -  beautiful.
Shopped at at street festival in Old Town.

FIRST BAD DECISION OF OUR TRIP:  Bus tour to Tijuana, Mexico.
Motormouth bus driver - shopkeepers in Tijuana chasing us down the
streets to sell something - children on the street selling things - felt so
sorry for them.  I spent too much money.  Drank a really good margarita!
Free samples of tequila!  Time to go - bus won't start!  Thirty minutes later
bus starts - get to border - a million people trying to get in the U.S.  Had to
get off the bus - have everything xrayed - walk upstairs - then downstairs -
then back on the bus for a slow drive back.  I never want to go to Mexico again.
Very tired.

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