Monday, July 28, 2014

One Memory Quilt for One Mom Remembering Her Special Angel

I recently finished making a memory quilt for a wonderful Mom whose beautiful little girl is no longer here with us.  I felt honored to be trusted with Kaylee's clothes and pictures to make the quilt.
It was emotional for me - just looking at that beautiful face - and knowing I cannot even imagine the pain of losing my child.  I did not have the privilege of knowing this beautiful little girl - but I feel like I know her now.  Her mom loves the quilt - I hope it brings here some comfort.  Just seeing her when I gave her the quilt was priceless.  


  1. What a blessing for Kaylee's Mom that she found you. I cannot even imagine how hard this was to do, but I just know that you had an angel on your shoulder every stitch of the way!

  2. Giving her the quilt was really emotional for her. I felt honored to be asked to make the quilt - I know it was hard for Nancy to hand the clothes and the pictures to me. I hope it brings her good memories and some small comfort.