Sunday, May 4, 2014

NSRA Show in Knoxville

We had a great time at the NSRA Car Show in Knoxville - with two of our best friends (and family). Perfect weather, beautiful cars, a little shopping and some of the best ever food. Puleo's Grille was our favorite - their fried green tomatoes were indescribably delicious.  Lou's (our '49 Chevy) first really big show.

We had the privilege of using a good friend's beautiful trailer to take Lou on this trip.  It is normally used to haul a Mustang Seleen - it has Seleen on the side in really big letters.  It was parked in our hotel parking lot for four days.  I'm sure lots of people were looking really hard for a Mustang Seleen.  We wouldn't mind having one!

We took a nice Sunday drive to downtown Knoxville to the 1982 World's Fair site - then drove through one of the beautiful river areas.  Beautiful area.

A first for us - just baked chocolate chip cookies at the check in desk of the hotel.  Guess that's southern hospitality.

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