Sunday, June 2, 2013

Where is It? It Was Here 25 years ago!

Elsewhere (our motorhome) just got us home from a really nice trip to the coast - not quite long enough.    Traveling makes me happy - I relax more, sleep better and just live in the moment.

We left early Friday morning - nice relaxing drive.  Spent some time in Wilmington - boondocked at a nice Wilmington Walmart.  

Saturday we drove to Southport and Oak Island then decided go to Carolina Beach and Fort Fisher.  Ken enjoyed the Civil War Museum while I sat under a shade tree and read a good book...nice.
View from Elsewhere in Snead's Ferry Campground

Next stop: Snead's Ferry.  We spent some time fishing there about 25 years ago and remembered it so well.  We got there and just couldn't find it.  The place we remembered is no more.  Snead's Ferry is still a small fishing village with docks and fishing shops and restaurants - but not the ones we remembered.  I guess you really can't go home again.  Sort of sad.

We spent the night at Fulcher's Campground - right on the water - walked to the Riverview Cafe for dinner.  It's been there since 1946 - we just didn't find it when we went there long ago.  If you're ever in the area - try it.  The food was wonderful - some of the best seafood we've had in ages.  Very busy place.

My favorite stop - since Ken was wounded in Vietnam:  The Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedicated to all the men and women who served during the Vietnam confilct. 
Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The glass walls lists the names of the 58,229 heroes                                 who made the ultimate sacrifice to their country.  Each time we visit the wall in Washington and now this one - we feel compelled to find names of some of those we knew who gave their lives.  I can only imagine how hard it is for Ken - he lost so many friends and fellow soldiers.  Wish you all could see it.

There is also a steel beam from the World Trade Center on display.

No idea why - Ken decided we should drive north to Aurora, NC - neither of us had ever heard of it.  We like just going wherever the spirit leads!  Little road with not much of anything.  We begin to see what looks like mountains of sand - or something.  I think there were miles of what looked like the terrain of some other planet.    Then we see this huge industrial complex - PotashCorp - the world's largest fertilizer company.  Very interesting.  

Aurora also has a ferry that runs to Bayview.  We like ferries, but didn't need to go to Bayview.  Nice drive home - didn't start raining until we were a few miles from home.

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